4th Street Sparkling Red



Distell Nigeria launched a new product, 4th street non-alcoholic sparkling wine, into the Nigerian Market. Distell Nigeria has a variety of other products in its collection, especially alcoholic beverages. They saw the need to make a new product during the pandemic. This is because people were more conscious of their health and what they consumed.

“The product has been carefully crafted and beautifully mulled to provide a heady feel and a pleasant taste without any additive that could be injurious to your health. Think of the new sparkling wine as a drink that you can enjoy 100 percent your way.”

“Either day or night, hangouts with friends, house parties, weddings, official events, and other parties; at work, school, and at any other location where getting good vibes is the goal, 4th Street non-alcoholic wine is a perfect choice. It has no age barriers,”

The focus of Distell Nigeria is to position the new sparkling wine as the drink of choice for young, upbeat, urban, and social Nigerians looking to celebrate their way, drink anytime their way.”