CÎROC Redberry


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Ciroc Red Berry Flavoured Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka bought to you by the likes of Sean “Diddy” Combs and Ciroc. Distilled five times to ensure high quality, Ciroc Red Berry is smooth and bursting full of red berry flavours. Creating an intense vodka with a flavoursome taste, Diddy and Cîroc have created the most sophisticated celebratory vodka, Ciroc Red Berry. This high-quality vodka is gluten-free and infused with a unique balance of fresh wild raspberry, luscious ripe strawberry essences, and other natural flavours, resulting in a taste experience that is scintillatingly unique and elegantly smooth. Strawberry is more prominent in the mix, with a nice level of sweetness and a hint of that herbal, floral character that unflavoured Ciroc has.