Calypso Chocolate Cream Liqueur


Calypso Chocolate Cream Liqueur is a premium tropical chocolate-flavored drink in Nigeria, crafted with the finest chocolate. It’s a deep creamy chocolatey drink that evokes adventure, independence, and sunshine associated with the tropics. Enjoyed straight or on rocks, it pairs well with cola, tonic, or milk…..


Calypso Chocolate Cream Liqueur is a unique tropical chocolate-flavored drink that has been expertly crafted for fun-lovers with discerning tastes. Calypso Chocolate is now the only premium liqueur in Nigeria made from the finest chocolate. It has a thick, creamy chocolatey appearance. It is a brand that promises a lot of fun and excitement. This distinctive combination conjures the sensations of adventure, fun, independence, breeze, sunshine, and excitement associated with the tropics.

It is an age-old secret shared by generations of individuals of taste and class, and it can be consumed in a variety of ways, including straight, on the rocks, or mixed with cola, tonic, or even milk.

Key Features

Category: Aperitif & Liqueur

Country Of Origin: Nigeria

ABV: 17%